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Have you invented new technology or improved upon existing technology that you want to protect? If so, it is important to work with a competent patent practitioner who is familiar with the subject matter of your invention to determine if your invention is novel, non-obvious, and can be adequately described in a patent application.

Is your business developing a new product or process that may infringe on existing patented technology? If so, it is important to work with a competent patent practitioner who is familiar with your industry to analyze existing protected technology and determine if your business has the freedom to operate.

At Total Awareness Consulting Services, we specialize in assisting emerging companies, start-ups, and individual inventors in achieving their strategic goals by protecting and monetizing their intellectual property. We achieve these results through the following services:

Novelty Search: determine the novelty of your invention and if it is patent eligible according to the laws governed by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The search includes issued patents, published patent applications, non-patent literature, and commercial products that may be related to your invention.

Analysis of related references: evaluate the relevancy and potential challenges to patentability of any related patents, published patent applications, non-patent literature, or commercial products that come up in the results of the novelty search.

Design around recommendations: recommend changes to features of your invention, if necessary, to overcome potential challenges to patentability by any related patents, published patent applications, non-patent literature, or commercial products that come up in the results of the novelty search.

Patent Development: draft and file high quality patent applications to protect your invention and other potential variations of your invention that are novel, non-obvious, and can be well described.

Invention Development: engineer modifications and/or enhancements to the utility of your invention, if necessary, to adequately describe your invention and example implementations.

Patent Prosecution: overcome rejections by the USPTO through efficient examiner interviews and effective responses to office actions. We also guide our clients through strategic prosecution decisions when it may be valuable to file continuation applications, divisional applications, and international applications (according to the PCT).

Freedom to Operate or Manufacture: evaluate the freedom for operating, manufacturing, testing, or offering a product or service for sale without infringing upon any existing intellectual property rights.

Patent Monetization: monetization strategies for clients who have issued patents including: the discovery and mapping of evidence of use, verifying the validity of issued patents, determining the validity of allegations of patent infringement, preparing patent packages for licensing or sale, and brokering patent deals for buyers and sellers.

Total Awareness Consulting Services can offer the aforementioned services with subject matter expertise in the following areas: Telecommunications platforms, systems, and protocols; Wireless networks; Mobile devices and applications; Internet technologies, protocols, and applications; Packetized data transport and protocols; Database systems and processes; Location based services and navigation systems; Social networks; Targeted advertising; E-commerce systems and processes; Audio and video processing; Streaming audio and video; Cloud computing; Medical devices and sensors; Consumer electronics; Consumer products; Bicycles and bicycle components.

Awareness is integrating knowledge and mindfulness. At Total Awareness Consulting Services, we guide our clients to expand their knowledge of enforceable patent strategies, and become more mindful of implementing these strategies to protect their intellectual property and create value from their protected assets to more completely achieve their goals.

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Rob Winslow is the President and Founder of Total Awareness Consulting Services. Rob has a solid reputation for understanding the goals of his clients and working with them to extract value from their intellectual property. Using his detailed approach to analysis and his expansive knowledge of patent law, technology, and current investment activity, Rob is able to assist new and experienced inventors with protecting and monetizing their intellectual assets.

Rob earned an Electrical and Computer Engineering degree from the University of California at Santa Barbara where he specialized in communications systems and signal processing. He then spent 11 years in the wireless telecommunications industry engineering coverage and capacity growth in cellular networks, writing database tools and scripts to analyze call records and network statistics, engineering capacity and growth for switching and adjunct platforms, planning and managing new system integrations, working with equipment manufacturers to ensure compliance with industry standards, recommending system and application enhancements and features, and writing medium to long term network expansion plans. After gaining technical expertise on the network side, Rob switched into a product marketing role where he spent 3 years developing mobile applications and network solutions for wireless service providers, designing and managing implementation plans, and writing business cases for new products and features that included demand forecasts, capital requirements, and risk assessments. In this role, Rob began his patent career by inventing the process of sending geocoded listing information from an operator to a navigation application on a mobile handset.

In addition to his technical experience, Rob also has over 18 years of investing experience. He uses market trends, investor sentiment, and his personal evaluation of corporate profit and risk potential to maintain a thorough understanding of investment activity and market risks. Using this knowledge, Rob built an investor publication business where he gained experience in on-line publishing, on-line advertising, website design, HTML programming, and e-commerce.

As a Patent Analyst, Rob gained valuable experience in patent mining and claims-based analysis on mined, targeted, and client-owned patents. He has assisted clients with patent portfolio valuation, strategic patent acquisitions, speculative portfolio development, due diligence, licensing target identification, and claim chart construction. Rob has performed countless prior art searches and continues to assist clients with post issuance monetization.

As a Registered Patent Agent with the USPTO, Rob assists emerging companies, start-ups, and individual entrepreneurs with determining patent eligibility; drafting and filing provisional, non-provisional, and PCT patent applications with the USPTO; and prosecuting patent applications through issuance.

Rob is also an inventor, the owner of multiple registered trademarks, and a member of the National Association of Patent Practitioners.

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